The disease is their own creation

In modern medicine, except the physical points, there are many subjects, such as internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, and the more psychological doctor and physiology doctor separate long. But traditional Chinese medicine is different, the theory of TCM is one of the psychology and physiology, is influence each other, can’t separate.

Liver control anger, heart control joy, spleen control thinking , lung control distresses, kidney control fear. This is the traditional Chinese medicine relationship for five mood and five viscera. That is to say, anger hurt liver, happy hurt heart, thought hurt spleen , sadness hurt lung, fear hurt kidney. the meaning is anger hurt liver, injured liver get anger easier, most emotions are easily into the vicious circle, more and more irritable.

We were occasionally angry at first  , as the more anger injury suffered liver injury after flourishing, angry is higher and higher frequency, was once a week, slowly progress to two or three days, eventually evolved into angry every day, and often is in a state of anger filling. Such a person is, in fact, time is not hurt liver, then it will make a great chance of liver cancer. In fact anger and will hurt liver, liver cancer is not easy to anger, temper is very urgent.

Spleen control thought, thought emotion is what we call to sulk, but also thinking. There are a few sulk at the beginning of this tendency, occasionally sulking. As time goes on, sulking is higher and higher frequencies. Eventually develop into even sulk over time everyday, and it has a high chance to evolve into the stomach.

Every kind of mood will develop into this vicious cycle, and form a strong emotional characteristics, we called as habits. The most severe disease patients, there are heavy specific behavior, even if found the right aftercare method, also can slightly improve the ability of the human body, its efficacy and specific behavior caused by hard to hurt.

Liver cancer, for example, suppose that the damage from anger, it need 10 days to eliminate, suppose, be angry every 10days, so the body of a balance between the injury and rehabilitation. Due to this emotion will enter the deteriorating evil sexual cycle, as a result, the frequency of the angry will gradually speed up, be angry every 5 days, so the previous angry in liver damage is not caused by the recovery, a new damage, liver problems naturally from day to day. The worst is that many viscera damage, for a long time, the body does not have the feeling of discomfort, only minor changes in color or appearance. Emotional change, because it is the gradual, yourself and everyone around you is not easy to find. In the existing health inspection means, are usually required to be diagnosed the disease is very serious.

Body for a long time, continuous in aftercare and damage formed by the see saw battle, unless the patient changed behavior to reduce the frequency of the angry, otherwise it is a good aftercare means the fate of the doomed failure. Almost all of the chronic diseases, patients must be wedded to a particular habit in life, constantly in the same body of viscera damage and don’t even know it

Habit is not good or bad, but if be repeated habit everyday, that’s bad. People, after all, is the person always have desires, encounter sad thing, occasionally sad; Met the unpleasant things, occasionally angry. As long as you don’t become the habits of everyday, all is normal

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