Energy is life source

Physical strength is a body to maintain its constant temperature environment and organization action, metabolism, and immunity, self-healing and activity for the effectiveness of various life functions such as physical fitness, and physical energy to heat energy is to maintain. Between the heat function and organization operation, are interdependent, cooperative relationship. In this case, the improvement of the heat energy and consumption, both sides must be an organic whole, at the same time, and it cannot be viewed separately. , for example, while maintain the body temperature and organization operation will consume heat energy, but the body is therefore to eat it in either warm or cold sex food, after the tissues and organs absorb into the heat energy can provide the body use. As another example, although wen fu and warm sex medicine food can improve the heat, but in the process of transformation of its absorption, but need to consume heat energy. Again, such as, according to push and exercise can make the organization run smoothly, and increase the absorption of food, with the process according to push and exercise of consumes energy, so must be within the scope of the body can withstand properly allocate, flexible use, to help all kinds of efficiency of the life.

Body in operation at any time change, and any action changes consumes energy, consume more when you get sick, constitution will tend to cold, so the heat energy in the body will only is not enough, not too much, there is no hot sex constitution. Since no hot sex constitution, so which determine sex constitution all hot like, such as can’t stand the heat, broken mouth, like cold drinks, or fever mixed constitution all appearances, such as virtual (cold) fire, in the cold, table under hot cold, etc., as long as the technique and the internal and external heat source in place, the body injury to improve, can be resolved. , therefore, cannot be mistaken for real hot sex or fever mixed constitution. Based on this fact, the original point of the health of the dialectical becomes very simple, only from the physical strength or symptoms of weight, with bian body cold and body injury degree.

Body heat is the main factor to sustain life. Let people will die, because the heat energy depletion, exhaustion, organ failure caused by. But physical laws of nature, is also a necessary process, in the aging process of corruption, heat energy in the body will follow years usbam failure is more and more weak, so the medical and health care, to do better, can’t violate the laws of nature, makes a man not old, no disease, deathless, at most is to relieve symptoms, prolong life. So to longevity and health, though I couldn’t change the fact that thermal weakening at least also want to delay the speed of the attenuation. Daily daily life and the medicine must avoid cold food, should attach great importance to the supplement of heat energy at the same time, strengthen exercise, adequate rest, and at any time to relax.

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