The essence of inflammation

Energy maintain life, energy is heat. Health damage includes expense energy, consumption energy, lower temperature. “Cold” is the biggest one of the most common cause.

The body into the cold, will be hot to remove cold, characterized by “inflammation”. Inflammation in chinese is two fire; Inflammation essentially is that hot drive colo away, is a body’s reaction to save themselves, rather than the disease. Help to heat drive cold away, cold was gone than inflammation is away. Inflammation is the police, the police because a bad guy; Drive away bad guy, police return naturely, and does not need to wipe out the police. antiphlogosis meaning is wiping out the police for the purpose, not get rid of bad guys.

Any part of body has a cold, the body will be in the form of inflammation to drive cold away, but all these self-help behavior as “inflammation”, pneumonia, hepatitis, nephritis, cholecystitis, myocarditis, encephalitis,etc. To diminish inflammation resolve ; Also named as “treatment is not timely cause inflammation , the inflammation is result of the cold which you infusion bottle , now you are a thief shout to catch the thief! There are more than this resentment? The most common form of classic questions, for example, as follows:

Q: cough for a long time will produce pneumonia, or bronchitis?

– cough is cold, the body drives cold away as cough, functional movement will fever (swelling is the so-called “inflammation”), red swelling is the body function of normal phenomenon. If cough can cough up pneumonia, the movement will produce the muscle inflammation, it wouldn’t it be absurd! Unless person dead has no ability to respond to, may not have the inflammation.

Pneumonia is not sick! Pneumonia is not cough up!

Cold is the disease cause inflammation; Inhibiting cough and eliminating inflammation behavior is sick!

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