Fever is self-healing

After I started paidalajin, I had an unusual paidalajin experience.One time, I heedlessly exposed my wet hair in the cold wind for abou an hour, and then got myself bronchitis the same night with fever. My husband immediately paida my neck and shoulders for about 40 minutes,and black acturc discascs quickly appeared. That night, I had burning fever. Butinterestingly, I only had fever from my neck down, and the temperature of my head felt normal. Next morning, my fever stopped, had no morebronchitis, and only left with a pounding headache, which I chopped my head on and off with the paida stick for three hours and had that cured too.

Actually, many Western doctors would encourage flu patients to not take any fever relief drugs, saying fever is the best natural medicine for flu virus. There are also loads of viruses (e.g. flu virus, herpes simplex virus (cold sore virus), hepatitis/liver infection or cancer virus, Epstein–Barr virus (shown to have a positive relationship with nasopharynx cancer), etc.) lie dormant in our bodies waiting to be activated when we are at low immunity. So when we experience fever reaction from paidalajin, it’s because paidalajin has kick started our self-healing carpet bombing mechanism of fever-killing-dormant-viruses, a ‘natural self healing effect’ at work!

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