Heating body as followed (do more and gain more)

7-21days, ginger, jujube, black sugar soup.

Moxibustion or hot compress navel,dazhui, baliao, zusanli, moxibustion to perspire slightly. Khan steam is not recommended.

Sunshine, will be moderate in the morning, don’t drip sweat, especially the waist and abdomen, lower limbs can be more sun. Without the sun can use other heat sources such as: hot water bag, red bean bag, etc.

Every night with ginger water or warmwood (also warm water) steep foot, water high to zusanli , bubble to body sweating slightly.

Do more aerobic exercise: walk, climb a mountain, tai chi, etc., and try not to sweat at night.

Cooperate to knead abdomen morning and night, clockwise and anticlockwise 100 times each

Pleasant words are a three warm winter, cold taunting hurt cold in June. Contact with some positive energy group, read some books of positive energy.

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